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So Far...

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Firstly the group has been given the name (unilaterally by Kate, Andrew, Ann and me!) C&LFLAG - Crickhowell and Llangattock Flood Liaison Action Group). We are moving forward with this and so far we have held a meeting that included Dilys Powell (assistant to Fay Jones MP), Kirsty Williams MS, Tim England (NRW), Stuart Eckley PCC, Duncan Forbes (BMR) John Morris (PCC) and many others. On this forum are the notes from this meeting.

Early days for the forum but you have to start somewhere.

A draft group constitution will be posted soon which will enable us to form an official group for lobbying purposes and raising funds.

All suggestions gratefully received. I have also created a post called 'This Forum', please add your comments to this thread as to how you would like to see it improved.

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